Basketball at INTERSPORT

Welcome to INTERSPORT Basketball. Please see some of our frequently asked questions about Basketball and how to play.



  • A basketball game consists of two teams who throw a ball into their opponents basket to gain points.
  • Each team has a squad of 12 players.  Only 5 players are permitted onto the court at one time, allowing for unlimited substitutions.
  • Players may move the ball around the court by passing, tapping, throwing, rolling or dribbling.
  • The duration of a basketball game is 40 minutes consisting of four 10 minute quarters with a 15 minute break at half-time.  There is also a two minute interval between each quarter.
  • If a game is tied, it will continue to an extra period of five minutes, then as many five minute periods as are necessary to break the tie.
  • Points are scored when the ball is shot through the basket hoop.  Two points are gained for a basket inside the three-point semi circle and three points are gained for baskets scored outside of that space.
  • Free throws are awarded when a foul is committed and are awarded one point if it results in a basket.

Basic Product Requirements

  • Basketball Shoes
  • Adequate clothing – shorts & vest
  • Basketball
  • Basketball ring or system